It's Saturday and we're always busy.  I made pancakes for the triplets while Eva was at choir practice. Then I made a hotdog and carrot sticks for Eva before I took her to hip hop and the trips to swimming at the Y. After the trips swimming lesson, they have family swim, so we stayed and swam for an hour before we had to leave. Got home, got Eva dressed for an irish dancing show and we were off! I had made pizza dough out of my favorite recipe and stuck it in the fridge. When I got home, I just split it into two pieces and rolled it out into a 14" circle. I made two, thin crust pizzas with that recipe!! The pizza on the left was half cheese, half cheeseburger. The pizza on the right I used the leftover slow cooker chicken, some chopped green peppers, some chopped onions, and some sliced black olives. Sprinkled pizza cheese (mozzarella and colby) and some chili powder on top.  Baked at a 475 degree oven for 12 mins.  YUMMMMMM!!                                                                                                                                

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