Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

    Ok, I went to the dark side and gave in to Eva, who really wanted this Pizza Lunchable for her lunch today.  For her snack, I packed:  an egg bunny, kitty cat cheese, sugar snap peas, tropical fruit cup, and teddy grahms.  I packed for Gerald's lunch yesterdays Creamy Italian Chicken Pasta Salad, whole wheat roll, carrots and pretzels for snacks and his breakfast in his Fit & Fresh.
(PS - Eva told me later that she didn't like her lunchable. The cheese tasted funny, the pepperoni was slimey, and the crust didn't taste like my crust. I didn't say "I told you so", instead I said, "I'm sorry your special treat wasn't so special. I'll try to make you a pizza lunch". And she said, "Thanks mommy."

Breakfast: Blueberry Waffles
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Fish sticks, french fries, fruit salad (because Dad gets home at 5, Ella has ballet from 5:30 to 6, and the boys have T-ball from 5:45 to 7. Whew! Gotta eat and go!)


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