Friday, May 14th, 2010

 Eva's snack today was: Strawberries, carrots, apple slices, go gurt, string cheese and goldfish.

For Breakfast, I spoiled the triplets and made them tater tots with scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage.
For Dinner, the kids decided to eat most of a box of cookies - not my choice, by the way! My fault for leaving them out, their fault for not being able to restrain themselves at just 2 cookies!! So I didn't make them anything for dinner. When they went to bed, I made steaks  and reheated some spaghetti for Gerald and mashed potatoes for me. Very yummy!!
I used the Chicago Steak Seasoning from Penzy's and it was delish!! Especially with the hickory in there, it almost tasted like I cooked them on the weber instead of in my George Foreman Grill!

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