Wow! I can't believe it's been that long since I've posted anything!! Life gets so crazy and the things that fall off of my plate are usually the things that I enjoy doing, sigh. Well, I've gotta work on that! So sorry!

Well, here is what the plan is for today:
Breakfast:  Apple Oven Pancake
Snack: Rice cakes with pb, apples
Lunch: Chicken Gyros
Snack: Cheese Sandwhich, grapes, oreos
Dinner: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Vanilla Pudding

Breakfast was yummy!! I doubled the recipe in order to fit my 12" oven proof skillet. Next time, I would add 2 more apples. And maybe some breakfast sausage!! yummm!  What I did differently was: I put a tablespoon of butter into the pan, let it melt, then added my cut up apples. I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on my apples, let them cook awhile, then added my batter.  When I served it, I took a cookie sheet over the pan and flipped it onto the cookie sheet (make sure you run a knife around the edge of your pan to make sure it doesn't stick!)

My kids LOVE rice cakes! Especially the apple cinnamon ones. Add some pb on there, and they're in heaven. And it's gosh darn easy to fix!

Ooops! I was suppose to have Gyros for lunch, but I didn't read the recipe and didn't realize that the chicken had to marinate for an hour! So instead I went to the freezer, pulled out one of my soups that I made and froze into individual servings and made a garden salad. Voila! I still ate a nutritious lunch. Heck, I ate lunch, lol! I fixed the chicken up anyway and threw it in the fridge. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow!!

Dinner:  Smells AWESOME!!  This morning, while the kids were eating breakfast, I made my meatloaf  and mashed potatoes. When the meatloaf was done, I drained the fat out of the pan, then put it into the freezer for 20 mins to cool off. I then put the meatloaf on a plate, sliced it, then placed it into the Nesco. Meanwhile, I whipped up the mashed potatoes and put them into the Nesco. Lastly, I took the frozen green beans and put them in the last container in the Nesco. I turned the Nesco to 250 degrees and made sure there was plenty of water in the bottom.
I then made the Vanilla Pudding and put that into the fridge. (Easy Peasy hint: get the new Ziploc Twist n Loc container in the 4 cup size. You can make the big box of pudding in there as it will hold the 3 cups of milk and the pudding mix, leaving enough room to shake it!) Then I got out the plates, forks, etc. and put them on the kitchen table. So now everything is ready for when hubby comes home first to eat, then us. (Hubby has choir practice tonite, so we won't see him until later this evening).  When we get home, it's almost 6:30pm, so it's nice to just sit down and eat dinner!! (and the kids appreciate it too! lol)

Well that's it for today! Tomorrow will be chocolate crescent rolls and Ropa Veija in the slow cooker! Can't wait!!