Well, today didn't work out as planned, lol.  Eva had no school today, so we slept in. But then I had to scurry to get Joey to thereapy on time, but ended up 10 mins late anyway!  The recipe I made for breakfast was a disappointment (aka Won't make THAT again!!), but the kids ate it (whew!).  Then we had a playdate right after Joey's thereapy. Then I had to get home to meet the Service Co-ordinator for this State Program and to help us with the Katie Becket Program (trying to get some financial help with Eva and with Joey since we haven't qualified for traditional aid.) Well, she said it would only take about an hour or so, but it ended up being "so" - like 2 1/2 hours!!! So I didn't have time to make dinner before I had to take Ella to ballet. Then came home, grab a Hamburger Helper and some blueberry muffin mix and threw it together while making a cheese sandwhich for Eva. She ate that on the way to CCD. sigh, what a day!

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