MACARONI MONDAY! Or at least, that's what Eva calls it.  But just because it's Macaroni & Cheese doesn't mean it has to be boring!  I will make up the mac & cheese and set aside a bowl for her (she's a purist, doesn't want anything else in there, well, maybe a hotdog, but that's all!)  For the rest of us, I like to change it up, make it interesting. If you go to and do a search using "mac cheese", you will find a lot of choices!!  Here's my choice for tonite: 
     Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Mac
And it works well with tonight's schedule since I'm going to the PTSO meeting tonight. This dish will be fast, yet yummy!

Breakfast:  I always make a "big" breakfast on school days for the trips (M, T, Th, F) because there just isn't enough time between when they eat breakfast and when they have to catch the bus to eat lunch! (My kids are late sleepers.  They usually don't get out of bed until 8am!! Yeah, my friends are jealous, lol)  This morning was easy peasy - Hashbrowns and Breakfast Sausage Patties.  (I've got two kids who aren't getting enough calories and one that's fine. I've got to stop eating what they're eating, lol) The breafast sausage patties I bought in bulk from my S.H.A.R.E. order last month.  I see they didn't offer them this month, hope we don't run out!!

After School Snack: Kitty Cat cookies  Yeah, I know, not very nutritious, but Eva bought this really cute kitty face cookie cutter when we were in Cederburg for their Fall Festival.  I finally got the stick pretzels and m & m's so the kitties can have eyes, nose, and whiskers. The squeals from the kids when I give them the cookies will more than make up for the guilt I feel about givng them something not that good for them. I'm using my grandma's sugar cookie recipe. They always turn out sooo yummy!! If I think of it, I'll post a picture.

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Eve said...

Wow June, all you have to do is print out this blog and youve got yourself a cookbook!

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