Sundays I like to make a big dinner.  So, after I made pancakes for breakfast, I started on dinner. I had bought a 5lb roast (so I could have leftovers) on sale at Pick n Save for $1.98/lb.  Love it when I get deals!  I bought a 5lb bag of carrots at Woodman's and I wanted these because they were skinny carrots, about the width of my finger. This makes them easier to cook with the roast and the rest of the carrots will be easy to cut into sticks for the kids.
     I peeled and cut the carrots into roughly 6" lengths and placed them in my nesco.  I then got out my cast iron skillet, put a little EVOO in the bottom and let the oil heat up.  I sprinkled my roast with Bavarian Spice mix from Penzy's and seared the roast on all sides before I put it into the nesco next to the carrots.  I then pourred into the nesco, 2 cups of beef broth and one bottle of beer. I placed the cover on, turned the heat to 250 degrees and walked away.  (It cooks for about 2 hours).
     I grabbed out some leftover mashed potatoes to make Potato Dinner Rolls.
     About an hour and a half before I wanted to serve dinner, I peeled and chopped the poatoes for mashed potatoes (1 potato/person + 1).  Once the pototes could be pierced easily with a fork, I drained the potatoes and put them back into the pot.  I turned the heat back on, about med-high, so the pototoes could dry out.  Then I placed 1 stick of butter, sliced into pats, into the pan and gently folded the potatoes until the butter was melted and coating the potatoes. Then I added 2/3 rds of a cup milk, put it into the pan, and continued to stir until the milk was almost to a boil (little bubbles).  I then used my potato masher to mash them (or, if you like smooth potatoes, use a mixer).  Then mix in 1cup sour cream, mix thoroughly.  Yumm!!
     I had made a chocolate cake for desert.

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