Oct 16th:

     Eva is getting a ww calzone, mini carrots and apple, fig newtons and a kitkat. Triplets are going on a field trip today, so they are getting: a pb sandwich (cut into either a dinosaur or butterfly), cheezeits, and cubed apples. (Found the bags at the Dollar Store - how cute are they?)
     Ok, confession about the calzone. I didn't make it from scratch - gasp! Pillsbury has come out with a whole wheat pizza crust and since Pick n Save had it on sale AND I had a coupon for it, I bought it.  I unrolled it, rolled it out a little to make it an even rectangle, then cut it into thirds. I spread pizza sauce, then mozzerella cheese, and lastly some basil on top. Then I wet the edges and folded them over. Just crimped the edges with a fork and popped them into the oven. I believe it was 350 for around 12 minutes.  I let them cool completely, then put them in the fridge.  I am currently eating one of them for lunch and WOW! is that crust good!! I believe I will keep a roll of that in the fridge for when my kids need a snack!!
     Ok, some of you probably noticed that there is no salad in there. Well, I went to get the lettuce out of the fridge this morning and it was frozen! yup, our fridge is WAY too small for this family, but we don't have the space to put in a larger fridge without eliminating cabinets. Since I only have three cabinets and THAT'S not enough, so not an option right now!!  (I never did like the kitchen, but I did like the rest of the house, so hubby promised me a new kitchen after we'd lived here for a year or so. Well, two years later, I got pregnant with triplets!! There went my kitchen, lol)

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