Oct 10th, 2012:

For today's lunch, I packed: Lasagna roll-ups, multi-grain roll and a salad. Here it is, looking all pretty, lol. After I took the picture, I cut the lasagna roll-up into bite size pieces and then it didn't look so pretty any more!

No apple slices for snacks today as they were all eaten! The price of apples in WI is through the roof this Fall. A 3lb bag of apples cost me $6.00!! yikes!! And apples are my families FAVE fruit too. I think when hubby gets paid, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and spend the big bucks to get more apples, sigh.

After school, Eva has an art class at the museum squeezed in between Homework Club and Swim Team, so I'll make some Chicken Quesadilla's for her after school snack.

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