Friday, Nov 23rd, 2012

3,6,9,12. 3,6,9,12. and on and on. This is the feeding schedule the trips were on in the NICU and continued at home. We (FINALLY!) were able to skip the night time feedings, but our lives still revolved around 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 9 before going to bed TO THIS DAY!! And they're 6! We can sometimes forget the 9pm snack, but boy are they HUNGRY in the morning, lol. I bring this up because today the kid's are home for Thanksgiving vacation and while they're busy playing or watching a movie with Dad, here's mom, cooking -

     7am Cereal with Milk
     11 am  Chicken Fries, Parmesan Noodles, Grapes
      3pm  Pepperoni Cheese Bread, Pears, Carrot sticks
      6pm  Italian Beef Sandwiches, Italian Pasta Salad, Jello
      8pm  Popcorn (and somebody will probably want grahm crackers with pb!)

I did cheat though. I found the Pepperoni Cheese bread in the Clearance Bin at WalMart, so I bought 2 of them. I splurge and bought the pre-made Italian Beef. I just put it in the slow cooker this morning on warm, so it'll be ready when we want it. When I made the Parmesan Noodles for lunch, I also made the rotini for tonight's dinner. So not a lot of cooking, per se, but I still have to remember to feed them or they're a surly lot!!

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