Menu Plan for the week of November 13th, 2012

Here is my meal plan for the week:

Breakfast:  Cereal
School Snack:  PB and Oats Granola Bar
Lunch: Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes, HB Eggs, fruit smoothie
3pm Snack:  Chicken fries, Annies fruit snacks, carrots
Dinner: Slow Cooker Taco Chicken

Breakfast: pb pancakes, fruit
School Snack:  Annie's Cheddar Bunnies
Lunch: Eat at school
3pm Snack:  Cheese pizza
Dinner: Bacon, Cheddar, Chicken and Rice Bake

Breakfast:  Breakfast sandwiches
School Snack:  pretzels with pb
Lunch: eat at school
3pm Snack:  Taco Soup
Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie

Breakfast:  Baked apple oatmeal
School Snack:  Holiday Granola Bars
Lunch: eat at school
3pm Snack:  apples and cheese
Dinner: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Breakfast: Cinnamon Bun Scones, fruit
School Snack:  apple chunks, pretzels and cheese
Lunch: PB Lunch - Apple Chunks, Celery Chunks, Pretzels with PB Dip
3pm Snack: marshmallow (?) popcorn
Dinner:  Chicken Barley Stew with Herb Biscuits

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Cereal
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: Salad and Pizza

Breakfast: Muffins
Lupper: Simple Salad, soup, roast chicken, stuffing, veggie, ww dinner rolls, jello salad
Dinner: Chicken Crescent sandwiches

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