Breakfast: Pancake Breakfast Sandwhiches, cutie oranges
Lunch: chili and cornbread
Dinner: Easy Ramen Noodle Bowl
Eva's Snack: I didn't pack one as they were having a snack at school

Did not make what I said I was going to, as hubby called to say he was going to be home very late. So after Eva's musical theater class, we went straight home and I made Quick Mac & Cheese for the kids (with Barilla's Plus elbow macaroni). For hubby and I, I made up the Bird's Eye Asian chicken we got from our SHARE order. It was actually pretty good.

I was glad to not have to cook too much as I had been cooking like crazy all day. Miss Picky has decided not to eat bean burritos for breakfast, or anything resembling breakfast food. She does not like eggs any way but hard boiled. Does not like bacon or breakfast sausage. Does not like waffles, french toast or pancakes, unless they have mini chocolate chips in them!! So I've been cooking some foods that I know she'll ACTUALLY eat, stored them in Ziploc's 8oz bowls, and froze them. I figure that if I have several things in the freezer, Miss Picky can have a choice and I don't have to spend time I don't have at that moment, making something for her. I made more mac & cheese, then froze 4 of them with hot dogs in two, ham in two. (For the ham, I stuck one piece of ham in the food processor and processed it until they were the size of bacon bits). I cooked up some Barilla Plus Spaghetti and added spaghetti sauce. Made up 4 of those. Also made 6 mini cheese pizzas using the pizza dough recipe I like, substituting half of the flour with whole wheat flour. Tomorrow morning, I'll make some oat bran pancakes with mini chocolate chips for her. I made hard boiled eggs today, so I'll serve her one of those with the pancakes. I also have whole wheat tortillas, so I can make her quesadillas, served with green pepper strips. I bought cans of no sugar peaches, cups of tropical fruit, and plenty of apples and bananas. Cross your fingers, I hope this works!!

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