Sunday, Jan 16th, 2011

Breakfast: Muffins
Lunch: leftover buffet
Dinner: Cheese Straws, Black Eyed Pea Soup, Simple Salad, BBQ Chicken Legs, Parmesen Potato Wedges, Cornbread Muffins, Chocolate Cake with pudding filling
SHARE: Chicken thighs, carrots, potatoes
Angel Food: Black eyed peas, celery

Nothing planned today besides church. Before church, I threw all the ingredients for the soup in one slow cooker, in another slow cooker, I tossed in BBQ sauce and chicken thighs. I know I said chicken legs, but the more I thought about it - chicken legs dripping with sticky BBQ sauce, I just knew my kids weren't going to eat it because of the icky, sticky, mess on their hands (yes, my kids are weird, but you know that, lol). And because of that, I'd have to take the chicken off of the bone anyway, so I decided to save myself the grief and to shred the chicken after they were done cooking. Since I didn't need the oven for this, in the slow cooker they went. After church, I reheated some leftovers for the family and now I had plenty of time to make a cake. But not just any cake! I came across my Culinque Cake Pan and thought "Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Pudding filling - yummmmm" But I lost the recipe booklet that came with it, so I searched the internet for some recipes. I found a recipe for Mocha Magic Cake and made it, leaving out the coffee. I used already made whipped chocolate frosting. I just didn't think the pudding was going to be thick enough, and I was right. As long as the cake was cold, the pudding didn't ooze too much. But once the cake started to get warmer, the pudding oozed more and became difficult to cut (and that was after cutting 6 pieces!!) Going to have to work on that recipe, lol.
And I have to share with you the recipe for the corn bread. Now my husband and I have been together for over 20 years, and NEVER once did I hear him say that he didn't like corn bread, until tonight when he says, "I don't usually like corn bread, but this recipe is a keeper" Huh? Wait? You don't like corn bread? Since WHEN!?! Ok, whatever, I'll only make this recipe from now on, lol. (Corn bread printable)
A word about the soup. I received with my Angel Food order two bags of black eyed peas. I have never eaten these and had NO ideas what to do with them. While I was on Facebook, there was an ad on the side for Publix and their Sunday Dinner menus. Always searching for ideas forSunday menus, so I checked out the site and saw the recipe for Black Eyed Pea Soup and since it was similar to the recipe I use for split pea soup, I decided to make it. It tasted a lot like my split pea soup recipe, just not "pureed" like split peas get.
Parmasean Potato Wedges - About an hour and a half before I wanted to eat, I cleaned up 8 potatoes, then cut them into wedges (half, half again, half again). Coated them with olive oil and then put them into the oven to bake.
So for dinner, we first had the Cheese Straws, which half the kids liked and the other half didn't (I didn't like the recipe I used, so I'll be searching for a new one). Then we had a simple salad of chopped romaine with some shredded parmesean cheese. I then served some cut up Cutie oranges (the triplets HAD to have those when I was in the grocery store with them. Miss Picky doesn't like oranges) Then we had our main meal of shredded BBQ Chicken, Sour Cream Cornbread, and Parmesan Potato Wedges. For desert, we had the Chocolate "Magic" Cake.

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