Well it's Thursday and I don't have spaghetti sauce - GASP!! In any other household, I'd just make something else. But when you have a person with Asperger's in your home, even a mild case, not sticking to the routine has the potential of becoming a nuclear meltdown. I kid you not! So I started digging through the cupboards and found: 1 large can of whole tomatoes, 1 can of carrots, and one large can of pizza sauce. And VOILA! Desperation Spaghetti sauce was born!  And everybody loved it (whew!)  Next shopping trip, have to make sure I have an extra can of spaghetti sauce, or maybe just these ingredients. :)

Desperation Spaghetti Sauce
  served 6
1 large can whole tomatoes
1 large can carrots
1 large can pizza sauce
2 T garlic
1 T basil*

Open the cans and dump them into your pot. Use your immersion blender to puree the tomatoes and carrots (or use your blender first, then dump them into the pot).  Add seasonings.
Bring to a boil, then lower the heat so the sauce simmers. Put the lid back on and let cook for at least 2 hours.

Cook your favorite pasta and Enjoy!
(* or oregano, italian seasoning, etc.)

Quick Italian Chicken
     About an hour before we were to eat, I placed 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a 13x9 pan, put a little of the sauce on top, topped with mozzerella cheese, covered the pan with tinfoil, and put in the oven.  About 15 mins before we were to eat, I uncovered the chicken.

So we had spagetti, italian chicken, and pillsbury breadsticks for dinner. Very yummy, very easy, very quick,

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