Tuesday, Dec 4th, 2012
Dinner: Chicken and Roasted Red Potatoes

Ok, the picture doesn't do this justice! This was DELISH!! And the kids thought so too-yeah!!
     What I would have done differently - added more chicken and potatoes!! I had enough for everybody to have 2 thighs and one potato (these red potatoes I got from the grocery store weren't the cute little ones, they were baseball size!). I should've known better, I mean, potatoes with diced onions and bacon pieces, oh man!!  I also left the dressing on the (skinless) chicken. I cooked it, (uncovered) for an hour, then found out (last minute, grrr) I had to bring a child somewhere, so I covered it with tinfoil, lowered the oven to 350, and let it cook until I came home - 40 minutes later!!!!  But it was delish - falling off the bone delish! I think the extra time was a good thing!
     Yes, we will make this again! (Even my "chicken hater" ate it, bwah-ha-ha!!!)

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